Zonda 5.0 iPad App: More Powerful With MLS Listings & Metro-Level Data


Power up your team with Zonda 5.0, and get from data to decisions faster. Close the loop on supply with the new real-time MLS data. Let’s explore what’s in this release: 

Browse Rich MLS Listings

Never lose the pulse on resale competition. View over 1 million active and pending listings.

  • Poke around. Navigate new and existing home MLS listings. Find them on city and zip code when you are on the Supply tab.
  • Don’t miss a detail. Scroll through images and get more detail on the Zonda Listings website.
  • Power up on land. Access an improved feed of land listings. Find them on CBSA, county, city and zip code when you are on the Supply tab.

Advance Field Work

Intuitively filter and chart new data. Generate MLS listings price graphs with the same ease as projects and closings. Track a multifaceted view of pricing and supply.

Unearth CBSA Trends

Put metro data to work. Save time on tracking down CBSA metrics and maps, and instantly build on knowledge in your market. Discover the best-selling project in Houston, or see how Denver’s job market is faring.


To help you get familiar with these changes, we have documented the design changes for the icons in this post.