Rani Salehi Joins Meyers Research as Vice President of Marketing


Meyers Research, the housing industry’s leading provider of new home construction data, announced today that Rani Salehi has been appointed to the role of Vice President of Marketing. Reporting to Meyers Research President Jeff Meyers,  Rani will be responsible for driving the strategic development and management of marketing initiatives in this newly created role.

“Meyers Research is moving into a tremendous phase of growth. With Rani’s depth of expertise in all aspects of marketing, her guidance will be extremely valuable as we endeavor to connect with our customers in more impactful ways. We are pleased that she has joined Meyers to strengthen our leadership team and drive strategy, growth and innovation within our business.”

Jeff Meyers, President

Rani joins Meyers Research with over twenty-five years experience in B2B SaaS portfolios with a focus on developing and implementing global marketing, communications and digital strategies aligned with corporate business plans and sales goals worldwide. She was most recently in leadership roles of global marketing at Entrust Datacard, HID Global, Alteryx and IBM.

Rani Salehi, Vice President, Marketing

Rani Salehi, Vice President of Marketing

About Meyers Research

Meyers Research, a Kennedy Wilson Company, is the housing industry’s leading provider of rich data for residential real estate development and new home construction and a leading Advisor to the real estate development industry. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, the company has developed an innovative Zonda iPad application geared for homebuilders, multifamily developers, lenders and financial institutions to analyze the latest housing market trends and inform the strategic thinking behind its premier consulting practice.