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Resort & International Development

Over the last two decades, our team has developed a wide breath of expertise in the resort and international markets. We can understand all real estate is local and can help you interpret the nuances of the market conditions specific to your product type and provide you with actionable strategies.

Product Types

  • Hotels/Gaming
  • Second Home Market
  • Attached & Detached Homes
  • Custom Lot Developments
  • Fractionals
  • Timeshares

Site Analysis

  • Feasibility
  • Consumer Research
  • Unit by Unit Pricing
  • Demand Analysis
  • Pricing & Absorption
  • Hotel Operations Diagnostics

Real Estate Development

  • Planning & Environment Entitlements
  • Proforma & Cash Flow Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Brand/Operator Selection
  • Strategic Planning

Case Studies

  • Resort/2nd Home
  • International

Resort/2nd Home

Case Study #1
Client Description

Small private equity fund based in the Midwest.

Project Objectives

Our client was considering purchasing a 32-acre ocean-front site on the north shore of the Island of Kauai, Hawaii. Their objective was to understand competitive market conditions for high-end homes, determine the most marketable use of the land (from a residential perspective) and derive a plan for the property going forward if obtained. During the course of this work, their goal was also to identify any additional investment opportunities in the State of Hawaii.


– Provide a summary of home and lot sales trends above $2 million on the island of Kauai.

– Survey local brokers to understand current market conditions the potential opportunity for the Subject site.

– Visit other high-end competitive communities on the neighbor islands to understand market activity, potential competitive conditions and/or additional opportunities to invest.

– Summarize visitor trends to the State (by island) to understand the extent to which visitors are arriving on each island, including private aircraft arrivals.

– Recommend an action plan regarding the Kauai property and a number of other opportunities in the State.


We helped our client understand the potential value of both the Kauai site and several other properties uncovered during our research on Maui and the Big Island.  This started as a traditional site-specific analysis that expanded to include in-depth reviews of some of the highest-quality new home (and lot) communities in Hawaii.


Case Study #2
Client Description

One of Mexico’s largest public homebuilders.

Project Objectives

Our client was intimately familiar with building homes for Mexicans in Mexico.  They were, however, less familiar with building product targeted toward an international buyer.  Their goal was to understand the competitive landscape in the greater Cancun/Riviera Maya marketplace, and to use that information to design a master plan with a diverse array of product types that would appeal to American and Canadian buyers.


– Identify and physically visit every internationally-targeted actively selling new home subdivision in the greater region and compile pertinent details on each, such as location, builder, product type, home sizes, price point, buyer profile, absorption, amenities, HOA dues, etc.

– Summarize “lessons learned” from this group of projects as a whole, such as what is selling, what is not selling, most prevalent buyer types, most popular product types, home sizes, prices and amenities, etc.

– Provide an overview of economic and housing market conditions in relevant source markets.

– Summarize trends in the vacation home market in the United States.

– Create a “menu” of product types, price points and absorption rates and help apply that to various parcels of developable land within the Subject master plan.


Helped our client design a land plan and product mix that maximized the opportunity for absorption by most effectively targeting both a domestic and international buyer.