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Capital Investments

Meyers provides integrated development strategies for small and medium-sized homebuilders and developers. Kennedy Wilson Residential Investment Group has made investments in Homebuilding Joint Ventures, Community Development and Entitlement Projects throughout the Western United States.

Advisory Services

  • Valuation
  • Asset Management
  • Debt, Equity and Partnership Restructuring
  • Sell-Hold Sensitivity Analysis
  • Loan vs. Property Sale Analysis
  • Portfolio Sizing
  • Loan Assumptions
  • Investment Fund Strategy

Principal Investments

  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Participating Mortgages
  • Single-Asset Joint Ventures
  • Entity Investments and Ventures
  • Preferred Equity

Product Types

  • Detached Homes
  • Condominiums/Townhomes
  • Master Plan Communities
  • Mixed Use
  • Multifamily Product