Stephen Smiley


Stephen Smiley 

Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, Advisory at Meyers Research LLC, Stephen Smiley is part of a leadership team managing one of the nation’s largest and most experienced real estate consulting and advisory firms. Additionally, Stephen will be leveraging his extensive experience in providing builders, developers, and financial institutions throughout Northern California the advice they need to be successful in today’s competitive housing market.

Previously as Senior Managing Director at Hanley Wood Market Intelligence (formerly Meyers Group), Stephen Smiley led consulting operations and management for the entire Western United States. Additionally, Mr. Smiley played a key role in integrating data into consulting operations to provide seamless offering for many of the nation’s most successful builders.

In his 20 years of experience, Mr. Smiley has worked throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, the Pacific Northwest, and Colorado. As a Principal of the Meyers Group in Los Angeles, Mr. Smiley was instrumental in the company’s expansion into Northern California and the Western United States. In addition, Mr. Smiley has also been involved with numerous development projects throughout the United Stated including Washington D.C, Virginia and Florida regions.

He actively participates in the residential, commercial, industrial real estate consulting operations and guides many large scale, multi-discipline development projects. Mr. Smiley has consulted on all types of development projects and has expertise with many residential and commercial/retail projects nationwide.

Stephen manages a number of client types including residential and commercial land developers, homebuilders, financial institutions, public funds, etc. A trusted resource for the press, Stephen has been quoted in many local and national publications. In addition, Mr. Smiley is a prominent speaker at various real estate industry events throughout the year.

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Aug. 28, 2018

Frame Bay Area

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