Mike Rinner


Mike Rinner 

Senior Vice President

Mike’s 40 year career in real estate includes more than 35 years of analysis and valuation as well as commercial lending and development management, with 16 of those years devoted exclusively to Colorado residential markets. Mike’s rigorous and deep research and his experience interpreting macro and micro market trends including consumer preferences give him a unique ability to provide clients with solid insights and recommendations. Mike is committed to helping his clients not simply succeed, but to maximize the potential of their proposed and existing developments.

Mike’s career included senior positions with three highly regarded valuation firms plus 15 years at The Genesis Group, one of Colorado’s leading residential consulting firms. Mike earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kansas University and holds the MAI and AI-GRS (review appraisal) designations from the Appraisal Institute.

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Mike’s Blog Posts

Here Are The Hottest Markets In The Country

The buyer urgency created by constant housing news coverage and ever-changing housing payments from rising rates is unmistakable. Last week, the Federal Reserve raised short-term rates for the second time

The Colorado Condo Comeback

Colorado condo development is rapidly ramping up and has re-emerged with an explosion of new and varied architectural designs, construction techniques, features, and amenities. Our Senior Vice President of Advisory, …

The Amazon Effect & Your Secret Housing Niche


Amazon is modifying the way we live our lives, from changing the landscape of retail, to introducing grocery stores without checkout lines and altering our perception of a smart

Meyers Research Raises $500K For HomeAid To Combat Homelessness

Meyers Research has partnered with HomeAid America to shine light upon and rally more support for building shelters in communities around the country. Last week’s Housing Market Outlook event hosted …

Denver’s Pending Condo Boom

Denver’s housing market fundamentals cry out for new condo development, yet the industry remains in the doldrums. A ray of hope is on the horizon, however, that may soon open

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Mike’s News Coverage

Arsenault: developers need to police each other for shoddy practices

As Denver buckles up to build out attached housing, Mike Rinner opened the 2017 Condominium Summit & Expo conference with historical perspective. What’s the outlook? With six years of undersupply, …

Condominium developments headline record CREJ conference

Colorado Real Estate Journal highlights Mike Rinner’s historical perspective on Denver’s supply and demand for condo development presented at 2017 Condominium Summit & Expo.…

Flatirons Building Council Features A Panel Discussion Of Big Builder Verses Small

Senior VP, Mike Rinner joined HBA Denver to discuss small and large builder perspectives and climate along with panelists from Cal Atlantic Homes, Toll Brothers, McStain Neighborhoods and Epic Homes.…

Empty Nesters Target For New Homes Priced Under $300K

“Ranch-living, in a low or no maintenance community, provides the type of lifestyle that a lot empty nesters want,” Rinner said.…

Denver Developers Can’t Get Lots To Market Fast Enough

A jump in 30-year mortgage rates to 5 percent from 4 percent would reduce demand enough to put a deep chill on the housing market, said Mike Rinner, a senior …

Meyers Advisory Team Expands Into Key Markets

We are delighted to announce further expansion of the advisory group with the addition of three Senior Vice Presidents. Murat Mayor, Michael Rinner, and Ryan Arp collectively enhance the team’s …

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