Ludmilla Schappert


Ludmilla Schappert 

Executive Vice President, Product Development

As an Executive Vice President of Product Development, Ludmilla is responsible for the product roadmap, research operations and marketing strategy for Zonda, the company’s iPad application. She was instrumental in its creation since its launch in 2013, working closely with the team to create a unique product offering for the building industry. Ludmilla developed the company’s proprietary research process, which includes tracking the real-time activity of thousands of projects across the United States.

In her early years at Meyers, Ludmilla worked on published research tracking macroeconomic and housing trends. She also spent several years in advisory, learning the nuances of local markets by working on engagements for builders and developers. She joined Meyers from the Orange County Business Journal, where she oversaw the publication’s research efforts. Ludmilla earned an economics degree from UC Irvine and has been a member of ULI and BIA.

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“We are thrilled to

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