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Ali Wolf 

Director, Economic Research

Ali Wolf is the Director of Economic Research for Meyers Research LLC. As head of the Economics Department, Ali manages and analyzes the content for Zonda, provides data analytics, runs special research projects, and does presentations across the country on topics spanning both the housing market and the wider economy. Ali’s specialty is understanding Millennials.

Prior to joining the Meyers team, Ali headed macro, regional, and metro-level monthly economic reports at John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Ali was also a researcher for both the Canadian and UK Parliaments.

Ali holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The Ohio State University in Economics and a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics in Real Estate Economics and Finance.

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Ali’s Blog Posts

Corn, Lakes, & Football: A Look At The Midwest’s Housing Market

America’s heartland hit its stride this year. The Midwest comprises 15% of all US housing units and is often overlooked due to its slow and steady nature. In a time

September Zonda Newsfeed: Housing Is More Local Than Ever

We wrote last month about putting the normalizing market into perspective before the new home sales figures were released. With these numbers, we are better equipped to address what happened …

Absorption Meets Affordability

There has been a lot said about a slowdown in the housing market that needs to be addressed. The sensationalized headlines forget to mention where we are coming from; June

Client-Only White Paper: Explore Blockchain’s Ability To Change Our Industry

Insights is a client-only publication series showcasing long-form research on unexplored subjects.

In our second edition of the Meyers Research Insights, we explore blockchain technology. The white paper will breakdown …

Here Are The Hottest Markets In The Country

The buyer urgency created by constant housing news coverage and ever-changing housing payments from rising rates is unmistakable. Last week, the Federal Reserve raised short-term rates for the second time

May Zonda Newsfeed: New Home Sales Increase Across Different Measures YOY


April new home sales figures posted a 12% gain compared to last year, and we had two notable observations. First, there’s been a shift to higher priced …

Homeownership Rates, Economic Recovery, and Rental Market Clarity At IMN Miami 2018

The hot and humid Miami weather didn’t stop a lively mix of homebuilders, land developers, and capital sources from being fully engaged with the all of the topics covered at …

Detroit: Where Dilapidation Meets Redevelopment

The streets of Detroit mimic those of Bucharest combining the preserved architecture of the late-19th century with contemporary redevelopment and pockets of dilapidation. Driving down Detroit’s 21-mile Woodward Ave, it …

Redevelopment Efforts Aim To Change Tampa

Tampa, Florida flew under the radar for years, but is now intentionally trying to reconstruct its image and expand their downtown. With a strong labor market, well-connected group of entrepreneurs …

March Zonda Newsfeed: Strong Momentum For Spring Selling Season


It’s no surprise that the Federal Reserve, with Jerome Powell at the helm, decided to continue the normalization process by raising rates this week. The move was …

3 Major Takeaways From 13 Frame Events

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Ali WolfDirector of Economic Research

Tariffs: Bark Or Bite?

Last week, we found out that a new round of tariffs could change global trade dynamics. The administration is planning to impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% …

Tips For Your Next Active Adult Project

Baby Boomers are in a good place financially and drive a lot of today’s housing activity. The all-time highs in the stock market and positive equity for many homeowners disproportionately …

Client-Only Brief: Amazon HQ2 Finalists

Briefs is a client-only publication series showcasing the most buzzworthy topics in the housing market.

In this inaugural Brief, we handpicked a few of the final cities in the running …

In Case You Missed IBS & Our 2018 Housing Market Outlook

IBS Orlando was an inspiring, busy, and exciting way to start off the new year with over 85,000 attendees. Our experts spoke at 6 sessions, hosted a Zonda lounge at …

Tax Reform: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The consolidated tax plan is out, and the final vote is likely to occur this week. We are relieved to learn that under the new plan, many of the housing-related …

3,011 Counties Get Higher FHA Loan Limits In 2018

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) provided some news the housing industry can be thankful for this holiday season – an increase to loan limits across 3,011 counties. In …

Good News: 35% Of Older Millennials Want To Own In The Next 1-3 Years


Our latest study shows that Millennials are tired of their ever-increasing rents, and are open to making compromises on their first home purchase. This group is the largest living

Supply Struggles? Blame Existing Homeowners!

We often blame the inability of builders to bring homes to the market fast enough as the major headwind for housing supply, but we’ve learned that existing homeowners are often …

Zonda Newsfeed: November Update

Let’s talk about how the proposed tax reform plans may impact homeownership. Bear in mind this analysis just skims the surface of the legislation. The initial drafts from both the

Why Is Housing So Expensive? We Explore Ways To Cut Costs

Cost challenges were the most pervasive topic discussed throughout the ULI fall meeting in Los Angeles last month. The resounding sentiment was that the homebuilding industry needs to be proactive …

Is Fed Chair Nominee, Jerome Powell, The Right Choice?

Jerome “Jay” Powell was nominated yesterday by President Trump to serve as the next Fed Chairman, which means potential changes in the housing industry. If confirmed, Powell will take the …

Merger Madness: Learn What A Combined LEN & CAA Might Look Like

America’s number two homebuilder, Lennar (LEN), and number five, CalAtlantic Homes (CAA), announced on Monday their merger, creating the largest homebuilder in the US. The deal is expected

Bellwether Data Predicts Blip Then Recovery In Housing Market

We are entering into a time where the monthly data will be fuzzy. Later this month, we will get September’s new and existing home data, plus the latest supply stats

A Look At The Markets Impacted By Hurricane Irma

Mother Nature turned the lives upside-down for residents of two of the most populous states. Texas is still dealing with the repercussions of Hurricane Harvey, and businesses are gradually getting

How Will Houston’s Housing Recover?

Hurricane Harvey blasted through the Texas Gulf Coast over the last week, dropping almost 52 inches of rain in the Houston area alone. That rainfall—producing more water than in an …

What Do Tampa, Las Vegas, & Dallas Have In Common?

The results are in for the top selling new home counties across the country, and Texas and the Southwest dominate. The chart below shows where homes have been delivered to …

The Amazon Effect & Your Secret Housing Niche


Amazon is modifying the way we live our lives, from changing the landscape of retail, to introducing grocery stores without checkout lines and altering our perception of a smart

Meyers Research Raises $500K For HomeAid To Combat Homelessness

Meyers Research has partnered with HomeAid America to shine light upon and rally more support for building shelters in communities around the country. Last week’s Housing Market Outlook event hosted …

Finally! The Comeback Of The Bubble Markets

Good and Hot. Perhaps those are two words you didn’t think you’d hear when talking about the quintessential bubble markets, but that’s what we are finally seeing. Celebrating the …

The Spring Selling Season Is Hotter Than You’d Guess

We expected the 2017 spring selling season to be hot, but it was hard to anticipate how hot it would actually be. A few of our employees have been house …

Rising Rates & Affordability: Should You Be Worried?

After two weeks of signaling change could come, the Fed decided to raise short-term interest rates again today; this is the third time in a decade (the other two were …

The Eastern US Dominates For Millennial Homeownership

There are a lot of factors contributing the low homeownership rate, including the lowest level of housing supply since 1999 and 5 consecutive years of home price appreciation. Not to

The Perennial Millennial: 3 Key Things To Know

Millennials, the largest living generation, will shape the housing market for years to come. This group provides a huge opportunity for homebuilders, and we want to help you better understand …

The Fed Does It Again

It was one year ago this month that the Fed changed policy and increased short-term interest rates by 25 basis points. Since then, we’ve been reading between the lines of

Colorado Passes The Bong: How The Stoner Economy Can Change Cali

Now that the dust has settled from last month’s election, we can take a step back and review another outcome: the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, Nevada, Maine, and …

President-Elect Trump: What Does The Election Change For Housing?

Many of us know well the statistics on how strong the labor market is and how it’s been growing consistently for years. The issue, one that became incredibly apparent in

Silicon Hills & Silicon Valley Have This In Common

They say “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, and when it comes to new home closings, they may be right. Our Manager of Housing Economics, Ali Wolf, looked at closings over

Millennials, Intellectuals, and Politicians

Your take on the DC MSA totally depends on perspective; some will tell you the city is the strongest in the region, while others will highlight reasons for concern. Whichever …

Some Homeowners Are Still Prisoners In Their Homes

 We are nearly 7 years into the economic expansion, yet for some metros, returning to peak existing home pricing is a long way off. Of the nearly 100 metros we …

We Added More Jobs Last Year Than Previously Thought

The end of March was an important time for data geeks and economists alike – the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their annual benchmark revisions for Metropolitan Statistical Area …

Housing Spotlight: Santa Clara County


Ali Wolf, Manager Housing Economic


Big Square Footage Or Short Commute? Bay Area Buyers Cannot Have Both

Bay Area home price appreciation carries on unabated. Rising prices are fueled on the demand side by jobs created from the diverse economy (it’s not just tech) and the desirability …

OPEC, Houston, And Today’s Historically Low Oil Prices

The rebalancing in the oil commodities market is a ways off, which means more pain for the Houston economy. When oil prices started dropping in mid-2014, not even the best …

6 Predictions For 2016

Looking back on the housing market in 2015 through a post-Recession lens, it was a decent year, and we expect 2016 to bring just a modest improvement. In 2015, home …

5 Top Markets Impacted By New Loan Limits

Throughout 2015, industry executives cited mortgage loan limit caps as a major headwind to growing their origination volume. Data released yesterday from the Mortgage Bankers Association showed that the Federal

Keep Calm, It’s Only 25 BPS

Today marks the end of an era, as the Federal Reserve decided to lift its benchmark interest rate for the first time in nearly a decade. This news garnered endless …

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Ali’s News Coverage

Meyers Research Appoints Leadership Team For Zonda

Meyers Research, the housing industry’s leading provider of rich data for residential real estate development and new home construction, announced the promotion of 6 key leaders.

“We are thrilled to

Will We Set The Record For Longest Economic Recovery Ever?

Our guest today Ali Wolf who is the Director of Economic Research for Meyers Research. Most of her work focuses on recessions, their leading indicators, and their implications. Ali conducts …

What Millennial Home Buyers Want

This generation prefers experiences over things and likes to “collect moments” rather than sets of good china place settings, there’s actually much more diversity than many people realize, said Ali …

Why D-FW homebuilders think their profit margins could be squeezed in 2018

“Dallas is arguably the hottest market in the country right now, with prices up 35 percent over pre-recession highs,” Wolf said. “They said prices would never go up in Dallas …

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FHA Sets Higher Conforming U.S. Loan Limits for 2018

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) provided some news the housing industry can be thankful for this holiday season—an increase to loan limits across 3,011 counties. In particular, some of the …

The Number of Homeowners Staying in Their Homes Is at an All-Time High

New data from the National Association of Realtors show that homeowners are staying in their homes for a record-high average of 10 years before selling, and in 6 of the …

Inside the mind of a first-time homebuyer

Ali Wolf champions more education for potential first-time buyers about how the process works to give them a better idea of what’s actually affordable and ultimately encourage them to buy.…

How single-family rentals are changing the path to homeownership

Reacting to the dearth of housing inventory, the single-family rental business is a viable option for many first-time buyers priced out of homeownership. Even still, our Millennial survey shows that …

New home sales up 4% in top markets

Data closing out the first half of the year shows a sizable quarter-over-quarter increase in new home sales. Ali Wolf explains the trend we saw in the spring selling season …

What will it take for more millennials to own homes?

Construction Dive highlights Ali Wolf’s research which reports just because millennials aren’t looking to buy a home right now doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy one at all.…

These Are The Top 5 Markets For New Home Sales

Our Manager of Housing Economics, Ali Wolf, outlines the top markets for new home sales.…

Why (and When) Millennials Will Own Homes

Millennials know best what they think about housing. Construction Dive highlights an interactive session hosted by Ali Wolf, our Manager of Housing Economics, exploring homeownership from the Millennials’ perspective.…

IBS 2017 Meet Our Speakers Series: Ali Wolf

Ali Wolf, Manager of Housing Economics discusses the thesis of her upcoming talk with IBS 2017 team: what are the different pockets of Millennials and what do they want in …

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