Exclusive Client-Only Research: Japan’s Potential Impact On US Housing 


Insights is a client-only publication series showcasing long-form research on unexplored subjects.

Our inaugural report draws comparisons between the entry of Japanese automakers into the US market and the advances we are seeing today in the housing industry.

Over 50 years ago, Japanese companies like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan brought automotive production to the US, completely transforming the domestic auto industry. Today, we are starting to see disruptive parallels in the housing market. Japanese firms are entering the housing industry by targeting private builders that align with their basic principles and are willing to be flexible with their forward planning and production. In the past two years alone, there have been 5 mergers and/or acquisitions of American real estate companies by Japanese firms.

In the white paper, you’ll find three key themes we’ve studied that set the Japanese automakers apart: efficiency, quality, and brand loyalty. We believe these themes are being implemented by firms in the Japanese housing market and could translate well in the US.

Ali Wolf, Manager of Housing Economics