Customer Success Story, Meyers Technology Services Group Streamlines Financial Reporting


Meyers Research’s Technology Services group recently worked with a few companies in real estate to streamline their reporting process with customized technology solutions. Our team helped transform a fragmented data architecture buried in multiple spreadsheets into an elegant system for business reporting. Here is a quick case study providing insights to how our team worked in tandem with our clients to create a new process:

The Problem
Our clients, like many builders, store incredible amounts of data in spreadsheets. This important data, which is central to their operations, is generally scattered and maintained in multiple files with various versions. The disjointed system creates inherent issues throughout the organization, including:

  • Aggregating data that involves copying, pasting, and running macros that can be error prone
  • Disconnect in data that is manually pulled together from accounting systems into a spreadsheet to generate cash flows
  • Time-consuming process to create up-to-date cash-flow, equity position, exposure, etc.

The Approach
Our team implemented a new system that stored data into a central repository. This allows from improved functionality as well as some additional benefits:

  • Instantaneous roll-up and reporting at the click of a button
  • Integration to accounting systems like J.D Edwards or QuickBooks
  • Running various reports instantaneously (e.g. cash-flows and equity positions)
  • Dashboard capabilities in order to visual financial exposure more effectively

What Makes Us Distinctive
Our Technology Services group has the unique capability to combine real estate knowledge with technological expertise. This distinguished approach allows us create robust data tools to help our clients make informed decisions.

Hamin Balaporia, Vice President, Technology