Client-Only White Paper: Explore Blockchain’s Ability To Change Our Industry


Insights is a client-only publication series showcasing long-form research on unexplored subjects.

In our second edition of the Meyers Research Insights, we explore blockchain technology. The white paper will breakdown what blockchain technology is, how it relates to cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and potential ways it could disrupt the homebuilding industry.

The segments of the industry that stand to be the most disrupted from blockchain include:

• The mortgage process
• Escrow documentation and tracking payments
• Title verifying and recording
• Foreign buyer transfer of money
• Raising capital for real estate development

While mass change is years away, it’s important to start thinking about ways this could either disrupt your business or help you gain efficiencies and time savings within your operations today. After all, the internet was new and complicated just 30 years ago and is now the most impactful and prevalent technology of the digital revolution expanding from e-commerce to social media. Pundits believe blockchain has the same transformative ability to change the way we live.

Ali WolfDirector of Economic Research